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September 2017
Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Cape Town Declaration
In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Cape Town Open Education Declaration, we participated in a project to define ten directions for the Open Education movement to grow in the next decade. The project was launched during the 2nd UNESCO WORLD OER Congress in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
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June 2017
2nd OER Policy Forum in Warsaw
For two days in Warsaw, over 40 experts, activists and officials from 23 countries were discussing the best way to create and implement public policies on openness in education at national and international levels.
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May 2017
Postcard from Bucharest: Open Education Romania 2017 conference
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April 2017
Let’s make copyright right. Right now. For education.
Within the Communia Association we prepared a European informative campaign. Its purpose is clear: to correct the law so that it allows for a good quality education in Europe. We would like to improve the copyright for education. An opportunity for that is the reform of the European copyright currently in progress in Europe.
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May 2016
Active OER: Beyond open licensing policies
In 2015, the Polish government launched an online repository of open, Creative Commons Attribution-licensed e-textbooks, covering the core curriculum for primary and lower secondary education. With this goal achieved, we ask ourselves: is our work done? After five years, open education activists finally saw their advocacy work bear fruit. In parallel, the government changed the textbook funding model, which translated into massive cost savings for parents and students. It became apparent that this might be just the first step in fully achieving the potential for Open Educational Resources (OER) in education.
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November 2015
Securing user rights in education – reflections from our policy debate
How to secure user rights in education? This was the question we asked during a policy debate organised by Communia and hosted by MEP Michał Boni in the European Parliament on the 17th of November. Panelists, politicians and stakeholders participating in this debate discussed two approaches: the creation and use of Open Educational Resources (OER), and a progressive copyright reform for education.
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November 2014
Can the OER acronym make us open? Thoughts on the „Opening Up Curriculum” report
Babson Survey Research Group has recently published the results of its survey study „Opening the Curriculum: Open Education Resources in U.S. Higher Education, 2014″. The study (funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and with support from Pearson) is unique in providing a statistically valid, quantitative view of the ways that American academic staff understands and uses OERs.
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May 2014
Impressions from OCWC and OER14 conferences: speaking policy to practicioners
At the end of April, I had the opportunity to participate in two back-to-back events related to open education: the Open Courseware Consortium (OCWC) annual meeting in Ljubljana and OER14, the United-Kingdom based annual conference on the subject. Together, they provide a good insight into the state of open education in Europe (with one caveat: in both cases, the focus is on higher education – which is particularly obvious with regard to the OCWC, which is a consortium of academic institutions from around the world).
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January 2014
Copyright Week: Educational Resources want to be tinkered with
We live in societies, in which equipment and gadgets are ever more often „black boxes”. As users and consumers, we don’t have access to their internals – we cannot fix them, adapt them, modify. Sometimes it’s an issue of having advanced technical skills, and sometimes of owning a really strange screwdriver that will fit proprietary screws. And companies differ in their approaches – with a spectrum running between gadgets that just won’t open, and those that allow a „do it yourself” approach.
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