Centrum Cyfrowe team would like to invite you for the second Online Roundtable on Open Education Policies, which will take place on April 24 at 8 am (UTC). Like the first time, this roundtable is a chance for all of us to meet in order to share information related to Open Education, understand what others are planning, see what maybe can be done together.

We will do a “tour de table”, in which each participant will have several minutes to share their information, plans, and comments.

Things we have shared during the first Online Roundtable (in March)

  • The final report from the Open Education Leadership Summit
  • The Digital Public Goods Alliance aims to provide the needed supporting ecosystem to make digital goods easily discoverable, accessible, and usable, and build a community to create, develop, maintain and deploy these goods all over the world.
  • Open Education Global 2019 Conference.  The theme of the Open Education Global 2019 Conference is Open Education for Open Future – Resources, Practices, Communities. The conference takes place in Milan, Italy, 26-28 November 2019.
  • Blockchain, Open Education & Digital Citizenship – the two-day conference runs 28-29 May, 2019 with pre-conference workshops held on 27 May. The aim of this conference is to provide participants with an independent, informed overview of the application of blockchain technologies in education contexts.
  • National OER/OE policy guidelines developed by UNESCO will be launched during the Mobile Learning. The main goal of this roadmap is to work on strategies, including advocacy, that will help accelerate the development and adoption of Open Education policies. The focus is on primary/secondary (K12) and post-secondary education levels as well as governments.
  • In this year OER World Map project will focus more on promotion. More information about this project you will find on this blog.