About our project

What our project is about?

We are building a network of organizations and experts that will support the development and implementation of Open Educational Resources (OER) policies in Europe. While our focus is on cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe, we hope to build ties with partners in other parts of Europe. Our core partners are based in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania.

We believe that regional cooperation and a strong, shared voice will lead to the adoption of OER policies in European states and strengthen the open education ecosystem.

We want to form a group of experts and activists working both in their respective countries, and together at regional and international level. Our aim is to provide mutual support, enable exchange of knowledge and experiences, and develop shared projects.

What do we want to achieve?

  • mainstreaming of OER in the region through policy adoption
  • building strong national advocacy networks that support OER policies
  • strengthening European cooperation on open education and related policies

How do we want to achieve this?

We are building an advocacy network on the basis of national Open Education coalitions that are active in our region. We want to connect activists, policy experts, government officials and educational leaders by creating a community of knowledge, where members mutually support each other in their work.