Our bi-weekly review of open education links from around the World. This review is prepared by Karolina Szczepaniak from Centrum Cyfrowe.

  1. Communia Association is tracking the implementation of the new Copyright Directive across Europe and paying special attention to the educational exception. The latest blogpost reviews the Dutch proposal for the implementation.
  2. How open source can support Open Education Resource? Christer Gundersen: Instead of starting from scratch, projects that are developing Open Educational resources(OER) should look for ways to adapt and enhance existing products, resources and approaches. An essential part of the term open innovation in the context of OER will be a community built on reuse and improvement of the existing source code, content and data. Read more on his latest blogpost.
  3. Viki is the biggest Slovak educational portal with both public and proprietary content. Public beta tests started in May. It is not only a repository. Users can easily create interactive lessons, as well as sophisticated educational materials, quizzes, or interactive books.
  4. Despite the rhetoric put forward by the major global MOOCs providers, who still speak of “MOOC revolution” and of “MOOCs transforming access to education”, the feeling is that MOOCs are losing their first O (the one of Open), Fabio Nascimbeni and Valentina Goglio noticed during eMOOC2019 conference in Naples.