Bi-weekly review of open education links from around the world. This review is prepared by Karolina Szczepaniak from Centrum Cyfrowe.

  1. In March we celebrated 30 anniversary of the World Wide Web. In 1989 Sir Timothy Berners-Lee made a proposal for an information management system and he implemented the first successful communication between a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) client server via the internet. On this occasion, Open Education Working Group has published an article which we highly recommend “Celebrating the open web as a route towards a (more) critical digital education”.
  2. In the context of this anniversary, it is good to mention about OWLETH catalogue. This is a catalogue of instances of the Open Web covering applications and platforms that can be relevant for teaching and learning. It also includes resources and references that can help people understand what the Open Web is.
  3. We are happy that we can share with you a new methodological guide on evaluating the impact of an open e-textbooks program based on the Polish case. One of the co-authors of this publication is Alek Tarkowski, President of the Board, Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation.
  4. Recentering Open: Critical and global perspectives” it is a title of two-day conference which starts on April 10, in Galway. Registration for OER19 is now closed as the event is sold out but you find out more about sessions that will be live streamed.