Our bi-weekly review of open education links from around the World. This review is prepared by Karolina Szczepaniak from Centrum Cyfrowe.

  1. How to create a truly open and accessible textbook? In the Accessibility Toolkit, you will find everything you need to achieve this goal. And it can be even easier since recent update of the Accessibility Toolkit. Here you can find an excerpt from this publication with recommendations about color contrast.
  2. The competition is a universal method that increases the activity of users and creators. To encourage Africans to be active creators of Wikipedia, the photo contest “Wiki loves Africa” ​​was invented.
  3. CC Search is here with over 300 million images! CC Search searches images across 19 collections pulled from open APIs and the Common Crawl dataset, including cultural works from museums, graphic designs and artworks, photos from Flickr, and an initial set of CC0 3D designs from Thingiverse. Now we can are all invited to share with CC team our feedback and help to develop this tool.
  4. Open Education Working Group starts its new project – Open Education Policy Lab. The aim is to support Higher Education Institutions and Consortia in co-creating Open Education Policies. They use a policy-making toolkit and co-creation methodology to build capacities across a wide range of stakeholders to enable them with the skills needed to actively participate in the different stages of policymaking.