Contact to experts:

Ovidiu Voicu

Ovidiu is an expert on OER Policy and advocacy working with the Inovare Publica Association (Email)

Claudia Iordache

Claudia is an expert on Communication and teacher training, working at the Innovare Publica Association. (Email)

Bogdan Manolea – Copyright and legal issues

Nicolaie Constantinescu – Open Access

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Members of the coalition are 18 NGOs (including informal groups), 5 Universities, Libraries and research institutions (public), 4 Companies (private),19 individuals. The focus is on both K12 and higher education. Defined goals:

  • Mission: to promote open educational resources and practices and open access to knowledge
  • Objectives: to raise awareness about OER and Open Access; to advocate for the successful adoption of a national OER policy; to promote the results and products of its members.

Focus of activities:

  • Current focus is on Open Government Partnership as a framework for advancing OER goals in Romania. The coalition obtained a solid open education chapter in the new National Action Plan. Members of the coalition continue to be involved in the implementation of the commitments – the Coalition is mentioned in the draft NAP as a partner of the Ministry in implementation.
  • In the short term, the focus is to ensure the continuity of the OER policy process after the general elections that took place in December 2016.
  • THe coalition is developing new advocacy strategies related to digital textbooks and open science.

Policy context of OER on national level:

  • The government has recently (July 2016) adopted its 3rd OGP National Action Plan, which includes commitments to adopt an OER policy (by 2018) and create the national OER Repository (by 2017).
  • There are policy discussions about opening a new digital textbooks program
  • The Open Access principles were included in the relevant national strategy for research but no implementation program has been initiated.