The purpose of this assessment is to provide an overview of the state of Open Education and Open Educational Policies in the Slovak Republic. This assessment examines the development and the environment, in which OER and open education policies have been developed. It also refers to concrete policies, which have just begun to emerge. The assessment considers these policies in a broader context, in order to analyse opportunities and barriers of policy development, as well as the role and the capacity of key and potential actors in this space. The author of this publication has interviewed seven professionals, who share their opinions about opportunities for Open Education in Slovakia.

In this assesment, you will also find information about the state of development of other open movements, including projects that have relevance in providing tools and content for educational purposes (open source technology, open culture, open science). The report also analyses currently existing providers of online content, courses and trainings.

Assessment of Open Educational Resources (OER) Policies in The Slovak Republic