Open Education as a game changer

Session 2.30 pm – 3.45 pm UTC

Open Education as a game changer – stories from the pandemic

Karolina Szczepaniak (Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation, Poland)

Magda Biernat (Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation, Poland)
Patricia Díaz Charquero ( Academic Unit of Educational Technology of the Education Training Council, Uruguay)
Cable Green (Creative Commons, USA)
Igor Lesko (Open Education Global, South Africa)
Renata Aquino Ribeiro ( independent researcher and professor and one of the founders at E.I. Research, Brazil)
Virginia Rodés ( Associate Professor, Coordinator of the Virtual Learning Environments Program at the University of the Republic, Uruguay)
Paul Stacey (Open Education Global, Canada)
Matteo Uggeri ( Milan Polytechnic Foundation, Italy)
Zeynep Varoglu (UNESCO, France)
Jennryn Wetzler (Creative Commons, USA)

How Open Education helped to overcome the educational crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic? The main session of the Forum will be dedicated to presenting results of our study on Open Education responses to the pandemic, “Open Education as a game-changer – stories from the pandemic”. In this publication, we have collected some inspirational stories in which Open Education plays the role of a hero ensuring access to education for primary school pupils in the situation of emergency remote education. What differs one story from another are the challenges that our hero has to face and the skills he has to demonstrate to overcome them. The publication is a collective work of researchers from Greece, Poland, Uruguay, Brazil, Italy, and Creative Commons, SPARC, Open Education Consortium, and Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation experts. Our speakers will present the outcome of this collaboration and perspectives from around the world. 

In this session, we want to highlight also the value of these stories for UNESCO OER Recommendation implementation process. What we can learn from them? How these narratives can shape open education policies?

The publication “Open Education as a game changer – stories from the pandemic” will be available on the website on October 29.

Session partner: Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation, Creative Commons, Open Education Consortium, SPARC.