Copyright and education

Session 1.00 pm – 2.15 pm UTC

Copyright and education: new approach for the time of the pandemic

Moderator: Alek Tarkowski (Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation, Poland)

Speakers: Meredith Jacob (PIJIP / Creative Commons USA, USA),
Teresa Nobre (Communia Association, Portugal),
Allan Rocha de Souza (UFRRJ, Brazil).


Debates about copyright reform, as seen from the perspective of educational stakeholders, often concern adjusting the law to the requirements of digital education. During the pandemic, we all experienced a sudden shift to digital, remote education. Did current copyright law prove to be fit for purpose, or did it become an obstacle to teaching and learning? What kind of copyright law do we require to support resilient education during the ongoing pandemic?

In this session, we want to highlight the growing importance of strong educational exceptions that are necessary for effective and resilient remote education. Our speakers will present perspectives from around the world and cases of different educational contexts and legal systems. We will also discuss ongoing legislative processes – such as the implementation of the new European Copyright Directive or ongoing policy debates at WIPO.

We are inviting to this session educators, copyright scholars, activists and educational stakeholders. The session is organized in cooperation with the Communia Association, as part of the Copyright for Education project

Session partner: Communia Association