AI and data governance in education

Session 4.00 pm – 5.15 pm UTC

AI and data governance in education – the Open Education response

Moderator:  Alek Tarkowski (Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation, Poland)

Speakers: Maja Bogataj (Intellectual Property Institute / Communia Association, Slovenia),
Meredith Jacob, (PIJIP / Creative Commons USA, USA),
Nikola Wachter (Education International, Belgium),
Janis Wong (University of St Andrews, United Kingdom).


Artificial intelligence technologies are playing an every greater role in education. Major educational technology companies and publishers are re-orienting their businesses towards learning analytics, student data, and algorithmic learning products. Yet , the professional community oriented around Open Educational Resources has mostly avoided these topics.  To the extent that the Open Education community members have engaged with these issues, they have focused narrowly on issues related to privacy. 

We believe that the Open Education community needs to develop a position towards Artificial Intelligence and data governance in the educational sector. This needs to be based on an understanding of what tools are needed to apply foundational Open Education principles to this new challenge.  

With this session, we want to explore what position should the Open Education community adopt on these issues.

This session is organized in partnership with the Slovenian Intellectual Property Institute and
the Communia Association.